Digital Narrative game (1st draft)

The Game: 

The digital narrative game I created is called  “Spread Joy”

I came up with this idea after having played several of these games in class and noticing that they either did not focus on my personal interest, which is community service, or they did so in a very stressful way. They did so by having short time limits or making you feel like you failed when you did not achieve your goal, and ultimately made the player feel bad or guilty. My idea was to incorporate this idea of promoting community service, while showing how fun and enjoyable it can actually be.

To do so, the game offers two narratives to pick from: one focused on an animal shelter (since helping strays and convincing people to adopt them is one of my passions) and the other on volunteering in a children’s cancer hospital. For latter, the player is assigned as either a logistics manager or a designer/color therapist member. The reason for that is that I personally am head of logistics so incorporating the challenges one might face came naturally to me. As for the color therapy, I recently found out and got into how color can help people uplift their mood, especially cancer children, and thought more awareness should be raised to color’s role and effect. What is most special about the game however is not the roles, but the fact that the small choices made in it will be reflected in reality. For example, at some point the player will write a message for a child battling cancer, and that message will actually be anonymously gifted to a real cancer patient. So, this game actually contributes to helping the community, while also enjoying the game and having fun!

For the color therapy information I used a couple of sources:

One thought on “Digital Narrative game (1st draft)

  1. Well done. I enjoyed this so much! I felt like i needed to try it several times with different options to experience it fully, so maybe tell the player to do so.

    I felt like a few things can be improved. There is no feedback to the player on whether clown or celebrity was a better choice, or the impact of the color or wallpaper choices. You need to give the players consequences for their actions. You do this v well with the social media posts for the animal shelter and for the behavior when clown/celebrity doesn’t show up, but not in other parts of the game. It’s cool not to be judged every step of the way, but players need feedback on their choices. Let me know if you need clarification.


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